Degrees Of Steak Doneness

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    And just accept the fact that, unless you go to a nice, somewhat expensive restaurant, your choices are really medium well or well done.


    Where the hell do you live? All the restaurants around where I live can cook a steak. Try to stay away from low-level chain shitjoints like Chili’s and Friendly’s. Hell, does Friendly’s even serve steak?


    Seriously, the only places I can think of around here that serve steak and don’t charge $40 for it *are* the low-level chain crap. The town’s population exploded in less than 15 years- 5k people in 1995, 30k in 2000, and 90+k in 2008- so things grew rapidly, but then the economy went to shit and about half of everything in town has shut down.

    I really can’t wait to move out of this crappy town.


    Pittsburgh rare <3


    Blue Rare yeah!

    Or if it doesn’t meet the flame then slice it thinly and serve it with some wasabi. I’ll eat it raw.

    casemods UID# 667

    I thought it was unsafe to eat it raw?


    Steak is perfectly safe to eat raw since it comes from a part of the cow that parasites and worms don’t inhibit. As long as proper standards were used to prepare, ship, and store the steak, you’re fine.

    It’s ground beef that is dangerous to eat rare due to it being a mixture of various parts of the cow that do and do not have the chance of being exposed to parasites.




    Medium rare is my favorite but sometime I will eat it rare. never had blue rare but I would be interested in trying it.

    Alec Dalek

    Casemods is `well done` when Tiki comes over.


    So do you only exist to make a comment about how Tiki [insert stupid relationship] Casemods? Cuz if that’s the case, there’s like a few thousand of us that already do that when we know it’s going to be funny, we don’t need you to do it every fucking post because you’re not being funny at all.


    Med Rare