Once Upon A time In The West

c-era-una-volta-il-west-original.jpg (467 KB)

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    Mr. Choo-choo!


    Is that Powell, Puulaahi? It’s sweet.


    without looking anything like a surrealist painting, this feels a lot like Salvador Dali’s work

    Luke Magnifico

    Some people get a cheap laugh breakin’ up the speed limit, Scaring up pedestrians for a minute, Crossing up the progress, driving on the grass, Leaving just enough for room to pass. Sunday driver never took a test, Oh yeah, Once upon a time in the West. Yeah, it’s no use sayin’ that you don’t know nothin’, Still gonna get you if don’t do somethin’. Sittin’ on the fence that’s a dangerous course, You might even catch a bullet from the peacekeepin’ force. Even the hero gets a bullet in the chest, Oh yeah, Once upon a time in the… Read more »