2 Dollar Bill

Two Dollar Bill Red.jpg (143 KB)

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    A comedian on Bob and Tom (can’t recall which) said he likes to use $2 bills in strip clubs because it’s dark and the stripper see’s the 2 and thinks he’s a high roller throwing $20 bills at her.

    Also, my father went on a business trip to Washington D.C. and was given his expenses for food up front in $2 bills (I think it was about $200 in $2 bills). Half the places he went (in D.C.) thought they were fake bills and didn’t know $2 bills existed.

    fracked again

    Some strip clubs, especially in the south, give as much change as they can in $2 bills. The idea is that people will be too embarrassed to spend dirty money around town, so any change given ends up coming back in a return visit.


    My aunt gave me a bunch of crisp twos for Christmas awhile back. It’s always nice to know that if I’m ever bored on a Saturday afternoon, I can head down to the 7-11 and start a fight. If you do it right the police get involved!


    Someone told an account of a time where he had a bunch of $2 bills for some reason to do with giving them out to a boy scout troop for something or other. Well, he had a whole bunch left over (and they were his own personal money) and went to use them at a home depot. Since he had got them all at the same bank they were all brand new and all had sequential serial numbers. Since the bank hardly ever dispensed them the bills were all of quite old issue compared to more common currency. The Home… Read more »


    Add to the list of failed US currency..
    name the rest for extra points chillun’s


    This isn’t just a two dollar bill. I believe it’s a $2 silver certificate.


    I know they ended silver certificates in 1964, but I believe they say something on the bottom along the lines of “X dollars in silver payable to the bearer on demand”


    I have one of these. I’m waiting for the day that it’ll make me feel special.


    I have a few of the $2 bills and a few silver certificates, the certificates are marked as such on the front.


    Too bad.. we still using euros in europe