Europe -v- America

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    Europeans FTW!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This was made by an American who’s only knowledge of Europe is based a summer abroad study program.


    This is true in the Northern countries, but… that’s it.


    Most Americans actually take several years of a foreign language in school, in many states it’s mandatory. They just forget it because they never use it.

    I know lots of people who took four years of French or Italian and can only remember a few words. I took two years of Danish and never used a word of it on a three week trip to Denmark, they all spoke English.


    >Most Americans actually take several years of a foreign language in school, in many states it’s mandatory. They just forget it because they never use it.

    in most cases it is Spanish, the language of pretty much the rest of the continent, or French, spoken in Canada. And you forget it because you don’t use it. Dang it.

    Goddangit, United States. I used to think you were cool. =(


    From what I have seen working in a tourist trade, most of the French Canadians are assholes and not worth speaking French too. The rest of Canada hates those Frenchies too. Some are cool though.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This is true.

    The French are also terrible drivers.


    It is required in many states. I took 2 years of French in high school. I only remember bits, and I was in a profession where I had to use it for a while. I think the real problem is that most Americans will never use their foreign language skills and don’t value them.


    In Australia they mainly teach us Japanese, sometimes indonesian. Some highschools offer different languages.


    In Denmark we have 7 years of mandatory English and we don’t have dubbed TV, as they do in some European countries, so most Danes speak English at an acceptable level.

    I think most would have been impressed if a foreigner came here and spoke Danish, so you should just have tried 🙂

    Og hvad syntes du så om Danmark? 😉


    humm, why does WP not respect my chosen nickname and instead show my full OpenID?

    casemods UID# 667


    Fuck America

    I’m moving to Europe

    Luke Magnifico



    Please do. Be Lukes neighbor.




    We welcome you with open anus’


    We don’t want your kind here.


    I wish we had tea breaks in US

    Insanely Rational

    “Education is a right” “Health care is a right” It takes a very special kind of libtard not to know that a “a right” doesn’t mean “something that everyone else has to spend lots of their time, effort and money to give it to me for free so I don’t have to move a single finger to get it.” To say that something is a right simply means that the government (or anyone else for that matter) cannot take it away from you without one hell of a reason. It doesn’t mean that they should give it to you. To… Read more »


    So cheaper is better?

    You must be a USAder.


    “To say that everyone else (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers and the community as a whole) should bend over backward to give you something for free” That’s not what health care in many European countries means, or… anywhere else for that matter? Doctors get paid and people have to pay for health care, it’s not free. But if they get cancer they won’t have to sell their house and be in debt for the rest of their lives just so that they may survive a little longer. Or start cooking meth while on chemo as to not sabotage their family’s future.… Read more »


    Don’t break his spirit so badly.


    “Or start cooking meth while on chemo as to not sabotage their family’s future.”
    Breaking Bad reference?


    You’re as subtle as a truck falling on your face.

    That’s totally what it means. How is a complete failure of a human being like a crack whore going to pay for her treatment in any way? They don’t. You carry the bottom feeding backwash of society in universal health care and its abused like a Jewish kid in a German foster home. Here’s what must come first for health care to be a right in the USA: price correction. What we pay 10 cents for in Canada you pay 1 dollar. So you need to place mark up restriction on suppliers which requires the kind of transparent reporting no… Read more »

    You should totally make a stand against socialist slavery by never using the internet again. After all, you wouldn’t want to a flaming hypocrite that rationalizes the slavery of all those poor DARPA researchers.


    I am shocked he didn’t use any Fox News talking points. SHOCKED. Although you did use slavery.


    Im not sure what you’re getting at here, but I’m from the UK – we pay for a service called ‘national insurance’ everyone in employment pays this, and it covers healthcare for whenever you need it. Its like a big pot you contribute to by paying about 8% of your income each month. Doctors nurses etc are well paid, but also recieve cool perks like ‘key worker’ discounts, ‘civil service’ deals, and adamantium skeletal implants. So everyone in the country thinks they are awesome and gives them the best deals, the police and army etc get similar perks. Bearing in… Read more »


    This was just fantastic.


    I want some fucking Bupa.


    Didn’t the USA create the first National Park System in the world?


    Technically probably, but not the first public land or protected forests, etc.


    People forget that America is a melting pot. There are TONS of Americans who speak several languages.

    And those Americans teach their kids how to speak it as well.

    America is great. People don’t understand how awesome it is until they leave it indefinitely.

    Where else can you have Chinatown and Little Italy within driving distance with awesome Mexican and burger joints peppered in between?

    Hell, its worth being an American just for the burger joints.


    100% true. I spent a year living in Dublin and I desperately missed the food back home. We definitely got that right.


    Chinatown, Mexican and Burger Joints do not make good food. Tasty I’ll give you, but it is certainly not good food. I would say that’s one thing you have that is wrong.


    And here I thought America was a collection of different kinds of European descendents who spent their time hiding their contempt for anyone different.


    Sure they hide it, except when they broadcast it on TV.


    Also, all that food and multicultural stuff? Any metropolis in the world. Have you even ever left the US?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m pretty sure he’s in Korea right now.

    But ya we have all that in Canada.

    Here’s where it goes to shit: when people don’t speak English and only 1 other language. And its not the same language as the 10 thousand other non English speakers. They all just stay home and wait for the checks to arrive.

    Picture is crap. Drawn by American faggot. Loved by faggots everywhere.


    Been here in Europe about 20 yrs and it’s a fact you want to stay ahead you really should or must speak more than a couple of languages (and my 3 yrs of broken Mexican-Spanish hardly did shit for me here). Working in the radio journalism field it’s an asset and required (I now speak 5 fluently – not bad for a Mexican-American). Presently I live and work in Belgium – the centre of the European Parliament – and on any given day via my colleagues I’m exposed to about 20 languages around me. I can’t think of one situation… Read more »