Daniel Sickles Funeral March

Sickles’s career was replete with personal scandals. He was censured by the New York State Assembly for escorting a known prostitute, Fanny White, into its chambers. He also reportedly took her to England, leaving his pregnant wife at home, and presented White to Queen Victoria, using as her alias the surname of a New York political opponent.[3] In 1859, in Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House, Sickles shot and killed the district attorney of the District of Columbia[4] Philip Barton Key II, son of Francis Scott Key, whom Sickles had discovered was having an affair with Sickles’s young wife, Teresa.[2][5]

Wikipedia has much  much more on this dude, he was apparently quite the bad ass.  What made me look him up was that this guy was apparently the cat’s meow but I had never heard of him before.  Really shows you what all that celebrity is really worth in the long run.

Image via LOC flikr group, text via Wikipedia

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