Egypt – Kinda like the Tea Party

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Egypt – Kinda like the Tea Party
without the funny costumes and collapsible chairs

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    This kind of exaggeration is something that can be found in all groups, Bush had the moustache drawn on his photos also. When people are angry and desperate, whether it’s justified or not, it gives them satisfaction to compare a distant leader figure which is the perceived reason for their problems to the most infamous leader in recent times. You’ll just have to decide whether extreme poverty, starvation and a lack of democracy are maybe an understandable reason as opposed to wanting lower taxes and thinking that universal health care is a communist triumph. Fuck Mubarak, the Saudi leadership and… Read more »

    “You’ll just have to decide whether extreme poverty, starvation and a lack of democracy are maybe an understandable reason as opposed to wanting lower taxes and thinking that universal health care is a communist triumph.” I’m pretty sure the whole hate for the government in America is to avoid ending up like Egypt. People have this fucked up perception that socialism distributes wealth. It doesn’t It hordes it and distributes poverty and takes freedoms from people and adds privilege to the government. ” supporting democracy only for people you already agree with isn’t democracy,” Exactly. And that’s what Americas head… Read more »


    “People have this fucked up perception that socialism distributes wealth. It doesn’t It hordes it and distributes poverty ”

    Maybe that explains why Socialist countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands have such a problem with poverty. No, wait – they don’t do they?

    Insanely Rational

    Switzerland and the Netherlands? Really? THOSE two are your picks for defending the the greatness of Socialism ™. One country with less population than the average neighborhood in New York, whose main source of income comes from being the personal bank for every dictator, tyrant, and genocidal maniac in the world? And the one who is fondly referred to as “the whorehouse of Europe” and who happens to land at #13 on the index of economic freedom for the most Free-Market Capitalist economies in the world? Really? Those are your picks? You won’t mention Cuba, North Korea, the former Soviet… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah! You bastard!


    North Korea doesn’t have socialism in it’s name. It’s actually the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Also Iraq called itself a democracy, and Hitler was elected. If we’re going to use every country that uses socialism in it’s name as an example of socialism, then we’re going to have to use every country with democracy in it’s name as an example of democracy. The problem with your logic is you’re cherry picking. You’re just throwing out individual details that support what you want and ignoring other relevant facts. I could do the same thing to make Cuba look better than… Read more »

    Go to Cuba.


    Just…go to any socialist country. There is more poverty than in capitalist countries. End of story.

    Socialism spreads poverty and hordes wealth. Its been a long standard of socialist politics. You hand over all your rights and freedoms to the government and then hope to not get screwed too badly while they keep you scared with bullshit propaganda.

    Venezuela is a great example. Its a rich rich rich rich country. But you’d never know it since the government and those friendly with it keep all the money and most of the country lives in filth.


    Navi, the funny thing is the major complaint about socialism is that it reditributes wealth. Now you’re saying it doesn’t. Your statement lacks any facts to back it up as usual, so it has no merit. Although outlanderssc already refuted your point below, I would like to add another thing. For all your outrage over socialism and the leftists, you know the republicans practice socialism while simultaneously condemning it, right? The supposed “party of limited government” expands governmental power regularly. They just voted to extend the patriot act, after all. Beyond that, try looking up “red state socialism”. Red states… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I live in a socialist country you fucking idiot.

    You can bullshit all you want. I see it first hand.

    And Cuba? You want to defend Cuba?

    Have you even been there? Because I have and the most abundant thing in Cuba is poverty. They are dirt fucking poor.

    Switzerland? Ya that already got debunked.

    You have no leg to stand on.

    Go ahead and blame the phantom corporate boogiemen out to ruin the world bullshit. While you’re playing the adults will chat.


    “I live in a socialist country you fucking idiot.” I just said you did, Navi. Try reading my posts before you disagree with me. The US is a mixed economy between capitalism and socialism. Most modern economies are. So in a sense you do live in a socialist country. The point is that the people who decry Socialism (Republicans, Teabagers) ironically end up instituting and benefiting from socialism. As for defending Cuba, I’m not. Way to miss the point again. My point was if I cherry pick facts, I can make Cuba sound superior to the US, even though it… Read more »

    I didn’t say socialism though. I meant really just the people who accuse every liberal of being a communist, or every conservative of being a Nazi. Even if you don’t agree with socialism, aspects of socialism are compatible with capitalism, there can be a middle ground for people who prefer either but the same goes not for communism. I’m sure you agree there can be poverty in a strictly capitalist society as well, it isn’t any of these single categories that completely ruins or makes a country succeed.


    The thread got a little derailed there.

    Kinda paints a picture of the current political climate doesn’t it?

    You do have a good point. Every groups tends to compare their opposition to the worst person they can think of, regardless of how accurate the comparison is.

    Tragically , this is the problem with most political discourse. In the US, in particular, no modern president is even comes close to the atrocities that Hitler and Stalin did.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Congrats, high school education. You have successfully typed words and said nothing.



    What is your point in this post? Do you just feel the need to express pointless hostility because I dare to disagree with you? Oh yeah, I see you couldn’t resist the temptation to lie about me again. You don’t know my education level, but I see you’ll make up stuff anyway. Navi, do you act like this in public? You know, that place you go that’s outside your home, away from the internet? I feel really sorry for you if you do. I really don’t know how you function in public if you do. I can’t imagine how you… Read more »

    fracked again

    Maggie has never had a point. He either does a brilliant impersonation of a paranoid schizophrenic or is flat out diagnosable. Playing with him for a while is fun, but eventually you realize that he needs to be on some serious meds and you feel bad about it.

    His self worth is wrapped up in getting high comment counts on threads he trolls. Casemods is a more pleasant person, and he is a pedo on meth.


    Navi is fun to play with, but I agree with you.

    If he’s not faking, he’s in need of some serious help.


    “Congrats, high school education.”

    It warms my heart to see you use a comma in a way that you previously criticized me for writing in. (That sentence also started out congratulatory).

    I’m glad I’ve taught you something.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sorry. I think the shortened version of congratulations threw me. I’m just realizing most of you are probably just scared kids. Maybe 17. I already apologized to one kid in the forum when I found out he was 17 and just trying to keep. So I am sorry to the kids in here for ripping on you and basically pummeling the unarmed. It’s not your fault you’ve been lied to and haven’t been out in the real world enough to see how things actually function. Other than fracked whatever. AQccording to him he’s a doctor so he has no excuse.… Read more »

    Capitalism is much more accepting of socialist principles than the other way around.

    What would you call people claiming republican status is the liberal quotient are acting like Nazis to effect communist principles by force or manipulation?


    Really? I’m pretty sure you are wrong, since I bought food in an outdoor market in a socialist country this past year and was charged what the seller could charge given my demand for his goods and his knowledge of the market’s supply. While in our lovely U.S. of A. socialism has meant that the state can control the price that I pay for electricity and sewer service. Most of the rest of the so-called “socialism” is actually regulation to make sure that my beef is inspected for E. Coli and that my banker doesn’t commit mass fraud. Government regulation… Read more »


    Navi, you don’t seem to understand what Socialism and Capitalism are.

    Socialism is public control of the economy. Capitalism is private control of the economy.

    Saying one is more accepting of the other is nonsense. They are merely descriptors of how the economy is run.

    wistful Up here the government does regulate….everything. We have these wonderful higher standards for everything. The problem is every time one of the noble socialists wants to make the world a better place they ALWAYS take a little extra. And then a little extra more. And then suddenly you have some goods with 60%+ taxes added to them to account for an additional 2% of the cost that is actually for regulation. And no that’s not even the socialist part. The socialist part is for example the most profitable liquor company in the world. The Liquor Control Board of Ontario.… Read more »


    I miss you Maya.


    Me too. I found your get on AIM video on Youtube through one of Lamb’s videos and it made me laugh really hard and I watched it thrice. Then I watched all of your other old MCS videos and I was so inspired by the penguins and mullet. I think it was penguins and a mullet anyway.


    *sings via Conan* THRIIIIIIIIIICE


    You know they should put me in charge of one of these countries, I would know how to run shit


    I understand Somalia is available –


    Would you like a bread-hat with your tea?