Fan Made Avengers Trailer

Good God DAMN.

The High Definite » The Avengers Trailer (Fan-Made).

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    They have a cave troll.


    Awesome. Can NOT wait for this movie, Cap or Thor.


    Between two uninteresting characters, Thor & Capt. America, I’m more anxious about Captain’s movie rather than hippie-with-hammer-issues-little-god.


    A little confused about the “uninteresting characters’ comment, but I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this. Steve Rogers- A young man who wants to defend his country, but is denied because of physical setbacks. Volunteers for a goverment experiment, becomes a human weapon, gets frozen in an iceberg for decades, emerges years later and is forced to deal with a world he never made. Uninteresting? What the hell do you want? Thor- A spoiled god is exiled from his home by his father to a realm of humans, who question his motives, sanity and powers, is asked to join a… Read more »

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