Nooble the Jedi

WoWScrnShot_013111_142108.jpg (219 KB)

One of my Warcraft toons in her Jedi Outfit.

Yes I am lame.

idc ^_^

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    at least you know



    tiki god

    will you be getting the star wars MMO from bioware when it comes out?


    I loved Kotor but for some reason The Old Republic just looks foul to me


    niccalo: they jsut nerfed my glyph of entangling roots. instant cast I used it both pvp/pve, but not a lot. very situational. But now that it only shortens the cast time 0.2, it just takes to long. Wonder what I am going to replace it with….

    Gary Generic

    Well, I’m no Druidhugger, but Glyph of Rake used to be handy when fighting the farmers in Hillsbrad…aside from that, Glyph of the Wild is okay.

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