The New Superman

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Henry Cavill has just been cast as Nolan’s Superman.

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    It’s Jack Snyder’s now. Nolan left to make Batman 3 perfect.




    Burton > Nolan


    Well.. nolan fucked up batman.. but at least the superman movies are already trashed after that last one… can’t go much farther down from there..


    How did Nolan fuck up Batman?


    He ignored canon. He ignored characterization. The plots lacked flow or reason. The plots were retellings from origin, but assumed you knew the characters already to accept their motivations… but then deviated from the characters so far it didn’t matter. For that matter… the characters lacked any real motivation. The characters were acted stiff and lifeless. In an effort to make things more gritty and realistic… everything lost what made it all special… gotham became just another boring urban setting filled with boring thugs and a cookie cutter vigilante. You could have stripped away the batman branding and they wouldn’t… Read more »


    Have you ever read a comic book? They remake canon all the time, assume you know the characters, heroes and villains have no memory of yesterday…

    The canon of DC comics is a flimsy, flighty thing.


    Still… I prefer Burton’s.


    As horrendous as schumacher’s movie was… there were at least some redeeming scenes with edward nigma.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Technically, there’s no such thing as a wrong opinion. But you’re is pretty damn close.


    Perhaps Henry will portray Superman infused with a fine, quality British Accent: “towards twuth, justice, and the Amwherekwan Weigh”.


    @montblanc_kupo Wouldn’t it be more accurate if you simply said that you personally didn’t like Nolan’s interpretation of Batman instead of saying that he “fucked up Batman”? Because apparently on imdb, there are over 500,000 other fellow movie watchers that felt that Nolan’s Dark Knight was deserving of a 8.9/10. So to be fair, in order for you to say that Nolan had “fucked up Batman”, it has to be the collective opinion of the people as well. To be honest, I felt that Nolan did a terrific job at Batman. No one really wants any interpretation to be a… Read more »


    Good luck. Break a neck!


    He looks more like a Legolas than a Kal-El.


    He just needs to grow his hair out and coif it right.


    *Longer* hair? Are we talking Grant Morrison’s JLA hair here?


    Wow. It’s just a movie.


    I wonder why every single person here that happened to like Burton’s era of Batman films over Nolan’s has been downvoted.

    To me, Nolan didn’t fuck up Batman, Christian Bale did.


    I’m still waiting for a Batman Bin Suparman movie.