Fun fight

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Ghostbusters vs. Ghost Rider – bets on the winner?

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    Ghost Rider for the win, sorry GB fans


    Bill Murray always wins


    What if he fights a prepared Batman?


    It’s like an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.


    That’s less a paradox and more a fallacy.

    By the definition of the words, there can’t be both an immovable object AND an unstoppable force. The existence of one nullifies the potential for the other.

    tl;dr = Paradoxes are lame.


    A fallacy is a mistaken belief.

    A paradox is a impossible situation.

    It’s two different things.

    You’re right, it is a fallacy to for there to be both an immovable object AND an unstoppable force.

    And the paradox demonstrates that it is an impossible situation.

    It is both a fallacy and a paradox. Arguing that it is one more than the other is pointless. It’s a needless argument over word choice.




    Winston is gonna pop out and catch him off-guard.

    Then Nicholas Cage will lose his shit in a bear suit and start punching women.


    This brings up so many nerd questions. Would the Ghostbusters even be able to affect GH? It’s heavily implied in the Ghostbuster universe that the supernatural is just a branch of science, while Ghostrider is an explicitly supernatural character. Universe incompatibility maybe? If the Ghostbuster equipment could affect GH, they would essentially be his kryptonite. Advantage Ghostbusters. That said, the Ghostbusters tend to be slow on the draw. Sometimes they just gawk or make jokes for a while before doing anything. Whereas Ghostrider is capable of bringing on an epic level of violence very quickly. Ghostrider would start busting heads… Read more »


    The Ghostbusters have defeated sumarian gods… the boogie man… samhain… and cthulu… ghostrider is toast.


    also: Bill Murray >> Nicholas Cage


    Actually could Ghost Rider even do anything to the Ghostbusters? He only manifests when people deserve it. Doctor Strange noted Zarathos’ power is theoretically limitless, but he only protects the innocent.


    Ghostrider is not a freakin’ ghost. His head is not made of ectoplasm it’s made of HELLFIRE.

    The End.