Rock stars of science

Scientist poster - Bardeen.jpg (52 KB)

Scientist poster - Bohr.jpg (60 KB)

Scientist poster - Einstein.jpg (66 KB)

Scientist poster - Oppenheimer.jpg (61 KB)

Scientist poster - Tesla.jpg (46 KB)

Nifty bunch of posters available here:×36-complete-set-steampunk-rock

No, I’m not associated in any way with the makers or sellers of these posters. I just think they’re nifty.

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    Dear god, the stretching of the numerals is harrowing. Why even do it? It only lines up with two of the names, and in the process makes the “designer” look like an idiot.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Good to see John Bardeen get some respect. He’s the only person to win the Nobel Prize for Physics twice, but hardly anyone has heard of him.


    my one and only, my phone, pc, TV, radio, car, brewery and so on.


    Those dates look all wrong to me. Shouldn’t Einatein be 1905? Shouldn’t Oppenhiemer be later than 1904? Or maybe these are birth years? That’s a total guess tho


    they are birth years according to the website.


    I think these were posted not to long ago. I think they look great, but the artist is asking a lot of money for prints, otherwise I’d pick them up.


    Nice one, Oppenheimer!

    On another note, god bless you, Tesla, you crazy mad scientist, you.


    I love Tesla because he invented the duplicator.

    tiki god

    lies from the replicator industry.