Morality vs Religion

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Which will eventually endure this age old battle? Only time will tell.

Time, and the dark lord Cthulhu.

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    define “right” without using some variation of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

    fuck you, jesus wins

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Even if there was a historical Jesus, he wasn’t the first to use that expression.


    Jesus died so people would believe him. He lost from the start.


    I sometimes like it when my wife licks the base of my nads, but that doesn’t mean I should go around licking balls.

    Fuck you, Jesus licked balls.


    He was a foot fetishist too.


    Did he coach the Jets?

    I like when your wife does that too. And no its doesn’t mean you should go around licking balls. It means you should eat your wife’s cunt more so I don’t have to.

    If Jesus licked balls you wouldn’t be so petrified of Christians because they’d align with your current conditioned/brainwashed perspective.

    I love the fact that you’re still around mAgnUS BUTTferson. And you returned to your old nom de internet. Beautiful. See you around.


    What if doing just that was wrong?

    Religious people would do it anyways.



    From the Mirriam-Webster dictionary: 4. the cause of truth or justice.

    Furthermore, “doing what is right” can be defined as choosing to act according to what will, in the end, preserve the well-being, mental and physical, of society/humanity, on a plural or singular level.

    Suck it, natedog, jesus was a dirty hippy.


    lol. jesus taught me how to troll


    I get it. You say dumb things, and when you realize that you were wrong you decide that you were just trolling.

    Jesus must have taught you to be a wimp, too.


    This makes no sense what so ever. How can you have a common morality without somebody telling you what it is. My idea of “right” is not the same as yours. Without some sort of religious ideals to base it upon, there is no common morality. Therefore if morality is doing the right thing, and the right thing does not have a definition, then there is no morality. I’m sorry, but if you are an atheist, then just be intellectually honest with yourself and quit trying to take some sort of high horse like being atheist is somehow more “moral”.… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If you had ever studied even basic philosophy, you would have read the dialogue of “Euthyphro” which directly addresses your point. Quick summary: Even you have a religious source for morality, what makes that “right”? Is morality just some arbitrary list to “thou shalt nots” handed out by an incomprehensible deity? Or is there a pattern that’s decipherable by humans? And if there is some predetermining pattern of morality, then we don’t need a god to tell us what’s right and wrong, because we can figure it out by itself. So either morality is completely random or we don’t need… Read more »

    Gary Generic

    “My idea of “right” is not the same as yours.” QFT. If God is real, then it’s morally acceptable for me to beat my slaves. It’s morally acceptable to immolate my virgin daughter if I think there’s a chance God helped me win a fight. Pedophilia, murder, disfigurement, genital mutilation and the subjugation of women are all not only morally acceptable, but are in fact specifically mandated by God. If we were to actually follow the teaching of Jesus and rules set forth by God, we’d be living in a pacifist Communist world state run by a Totalitarian Dictator. If… Read more »


    Because God wrote the bible…..

    Gary Generic

    Well, if it wasn’t written, or at least dictated, by God, that would only strengthen the argument that the Abrahamic Faiths have nothing to offer exclusively for virtues, values or morals, and the entire enterprise becomes completely fabricated and even more revolting.


    If holy books have no relation to God then we have no other, ahem, “proof” (LOL) that it exists, what it is like, what are its aims or anything.


    God wrote the bible, but we created the concept of God. How can God be perfect, yet be vengeful and peaceful at the same time? Why allow evil to exist? Why allow Satan to fall from grace and oppose him? Why allow Eve to give Adam the apple? The Greek Gods were flawed. Yet one all powerful God is supposed to have allowed people to follow false deities even into modern day? Why didn’t the Greeks, Romans, Chinese or Japanese all worship him from the get go? What about the caveman? We created the concept of God/s, and as our… Read more »


    This is just sad.

    “If I’m not told what to do, how can I know what to do?”

    You exemplify what the picture is about.


    I think everyone took me the wrong way. I’m not in support of religion. I openly admit that without a religion, the only basis for my morality is me. I was only going through the logical reasoning that explains my statement: “So therefore, the only rules are to do whatever you can get away with.”

    So I am with all of you guys. Except that I encourage all of the people who believe in their religion, so long as their beliefs give them an inherent disadvantage over me in attaining what ever it is that I want.


    It’s possible that our morality can actually be genetically ingrained in us via evolution. I wish I could remember where and under what circumstances I got this idea. It was fairly recent, w/in the last two weeks. Anyone have info on this?

    Gary Generic

    Sam Harris has some insight into this, as does Richard Dawkins.


    “Which will eventually endure this age old battle?”


    inb4 shitsto- oh I see.


    I see the irrational atheists and Theists are still coming down full force on these threads. The rest of us will be peacefully co-existing.



    There is an ideological war going on. If the religious fundamentalist get the upper-hand, no one will be allowed to co-exist for shit. There are powerful factions at work that will stop at nothing short of a Christian version of Saudi Arabia or Iran. I will concede that atheists can be just as bad, but we’re not anywhere close to winning. So at this point, we’re not the ones you need to worry about.


    “close to winning” in the Christian States of America, you mean. Try to go somewhere here and say “Oh yeah, howzabout we ban them devilution books at school?” or “Lets plant the Ten Commandments statue out this here court o’ justice” and you’ll be laughed at all the way home where your sexy scandinavian wife will promptly pack up and leave.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Europe is having its own problems with the demographics of Islamic immigration.


    You mean the tiny minorities that riot in Paris when the racist government starts doing dumb shit?

    Oh yes, what a terrible endemic.

    patientized has never left Delaware. Go visit north London. Its like Morocco. Pretty much exactly like Morocco. Morocco sucks. Oh and the Netherlands is heavily Christian btw. Your “hot Scandinavian wife” is a church goer, fuckstick. Morality is subjective. Religious morality is absolute. When one person’s definition they land on prevents them from leading a productive life religion tends to make the necessary adjustments so they can live longer and happier. I don’t know what’s so scary about that. If you don’t like the crazy contingent of the religious crowd then ignore them like anyone with a brain ignores the… Read more »


    @Navi: Just checking… You don’t really think the Netherlands is located in Scandinavia, are you?

    As for the point you made about religious morality being absolute: it is not.

    (Ignoring contradictions in the bible). All morally reprehensible things (killing children, rape, genocide) can be made to be moral if your god gives the go ahead.

    Also, your god can date rape a woman and Christians will assure you that everything’s just fine.

    So much for absolute morality.



    How exactly have christians been succesful? If Christians and other religious factions hold an 85% majority in the General population then why is it that Attempts at banning the teaching of Science such as evolution has ultimately failed? Even when the bans were successful they were eventually overturned; Why is that? If what you say is true then it would stand to reason that in a pre-dominantly religious nation all attempts at passing any theological based legislation should be passed with relative ease But this is NOT the case. The most we have right now is a legal requirement for… Read more »


    The constitution gets in the way.

    Though, I’m sad to say, many science teachers avoid teaching evolution just because of the controversy So I wouldn’t say their attack on science has failed completely.