Mr. Plow

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Thats my name, that name again is Mr. Plow.

First picture is of a foggy morning where we finally got the snow to come up, now just waiting for temperature to come up so we can knock off the rest of the slush.

2nd picture is around I think 3 in the morning. Its a 1/2 sheet of ice in our area. Fun!

3rd picture is the nice gift my coworker left me. He forgot to shut the door to the loader, so I had to sit in snow to put the salt in the sander. Weee.

Last picture is of an area called the Narrows on a road we take care of. Last year, two people died here on two separate instances. The widest spot here is barely 20 feet, and barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass at the same time. Its 30 feet down to the Colorado River if you fall off.

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    tiki god

    why did he leave the door open, that’s not very nice of him.


    MR. PLOW, you say? You know you’re all set to become an awesome secret super villain, right.

    “They call me Mr. Plow…”

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