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    It’s easier to induce shitstorm posting some religious stuff.


    I know this is trollbait, but I’m going to respond seriously regardless.

    Consider for a moment the quality of the products produced by each man’s respective company. Is being a douchebag really all that bad if you’ve enriched the lives of no less than one billion people by giving them outstanding computer operating systems, portable music players, and telephones that rival Star Trek devices in functionality?

    Nice guys really do finish last. In this case, the nice guy gave us the Blue Screen of Death.


    I have to say, that was a pretty pathetic argument.

    Luke Magnifico

    One guy put in a lot of work to bring the world an adaptable, powerful OS, then gave away the fruits of his labour.

    The other guy made some tinker toy computers, then took existing technology and repackaged it for hipster consumption and made billions, all in order to buy more black turtlenecks.


    ^This is how it really is.


    Charging up to 4 times as much for the same hardware is not genius. Being the first to launch a product that your competitors are also developing does not make you genius, especially when your product is not ready, and can’t be upgraded.

    Also, Apple spends a LOT of time and money finding ways to try and monopolize the industry.

    There was a time when I loved Apple and supported them. But, that has long passed.

    I really miss the 80’s sometimes.


    “Charging up to 4 times as much for the same hardware is not genius.”

    How is that not genius? It may not be computer genius, but it sure is marketing genius.


    To what end? Personal wealth? Who cares about that aside from the person who actually gets rich?

    Super Loco

    Bill Gates sucks…


    I do not believe 1 BN people have been enriched by apple products. And most of those peoples interaction with Apple has been music players, not computers. If iTunes didn’t run on PC, the iPod would fail and legions of their customer base would dissapear.

    Star Trek esque though? No, not quite. Shit we have in the military, that’s star trek esque but that is coming from defense contractors, not apple.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    As soon as you think any rich person got that why by being nice, then you’ve bought into the capitalist delusion.

    Luke Magnifico

    I don’t think we’re claiming correlation is causation here.

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