bottled water – true facts

bottled water - true facts

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    Professor Ratbaggy

    Nah, this is what science does want you to know!

    … well, that bottled water is a wank, at least!  🙂

    Alec Dalek

    The bottled water debate all comes down to selfish snobbery. Some people’s tap water tastes fine. These are the people that bitch about bottled water. For the rest of us with tap water with a taste that makes us want to barf, we drink bottled water. Plus, hippies put chemicals in our tap water that we don’t want and that have not been conclusively proven to have any benefit. So bottled water is our only choice.


    Our tap water comes out with brown specs cos our pipes are old and rusty so we go with bottled.


    I now know that you shouldn’t have white text on sky blue.


    I have a well and my water tastes fine, a tad metallic, but I like that. My friend’s has iron and sometimes sulphur, good for skin, but undrinkable.


    Only the saved are in Purgatory. Satan and the demons are in Hell. If you’re getting your water from Purgatory you may have to work through some issues, but in the end, you’ll be drinking God’s tears in Heaven.

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