The United States Of Shame

The-United-States-of-Shame.png (120 KB)


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    I live in New Hampshire. I think having the highest rate of corporate taxes be the thing that we’re worst at is pretty damn good compared to every single other state, except for Ohio, of course. Nerdiest state (most library visits)? How is that a bad thing at all?


    As a Pennsylvanian I am torn. At first I want to deny this map, because of course people from New Jersey are the worst drivers….but I hesitate because it may be an issue of greater exposure to them.

    My first hand knowledge of how awful Massachusetts drivers are leads me to suspect that many of them die in crashes before they can make it to my Commonwealth. After all, their’s is only a little bigger then some of our large counties. And round-a-bouts, what is this the 18th century?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Colorado having the highest cocaine use gives new meaning to “Rocky Mountain High”

    casemods UID# 667

    So is this like saying “california has the least amount of pollution”

    I don’t get it


    I actually agree with casemods here. They didn’t think their subtitle through.

    casemods UID# 667

    Shit, look at Alaska.

    Alaska is notorious for high suicide rates.

    So this picture is saying what each state is higher than other states.

    (That state has the most of that than other states)


    I prefer the idea that Alaskans are the worst at suicide.


    Usually, there is one person per capita. Unless you want to count the two-headed hill people.


    as a washingtonian who was born in illinois, i know for a fact that illinois has a higher rate of bestiality than washington, even if more people get arrested for it in washington… it makes me wonder about the accuracy of their research…


    I think we are reading this wrong. It tells us what each state is LAST in place of. IIRC Florida has the least amount of identity theft. And Texas is lowest in terms of HS Graduation.


    Wait, no. That’s not right. According to the site, it’s rather arbitrary.


    I’m moving to Vermont…they can do it without condoms! 😀