Straddle Bus

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New Chinese concept for greener, cheaper public transport.

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    Correction: “Chinese solution for over-population, murder-buses”


    What, may I ask, could possibly go wrong?


    Nothing, as long as nobody wants to turn right or left –


    China is smart enough to not give to wits about if it is green.

    As to that, it is (I assume) mostly for highway use. You would treat it largely like a normal bus. Clearly you can not turn into it, but this you could drive under or through. As long as you’re not a moron.

    It would only kill stupid people.


    I wonder if it’s green to kill off all the stupid people.

    In any case it would help with the over-population issue.


    It seems like it would work about as well as the new High Speed Bus program.


    It’s kind of a cool idea in theory, but I’m imagining countless car accidents caused when one of those passes over head and all the drivers below go “gahcockshitfuckwhatthefucksthat!” and wind up broadsiding the car beside them. It might be OK if there were little signs along the bus’ route that let people know about how long it would be before a bus sails over head. Kind of a “Prepare to shit yourself in 3… 2… 1…” thing.


    Prolly work better as a highway ferry of sorts. If you know you’re gonna be on a particular highway for many miles you can hitch a ride on a street ferry (for your car) and get off at designated stops.