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Carpet slippers? Why? Double neck bottle? Who’s that lazy?

tiki god

party tricks!


The carpit is retarded. It is a tripping hazard. People would trip and fall and get injured. I am not talking about a bruise. I am talking broken hips, dislocated knees, fractured arms. Trust me, that is my professional opinion after years of picking you’re loved ones off the ground. as to number 3. Why would I want this. Think about how much space it takes up in the drawer. If the kid won’t eat now, he well once he gets hungry. I’ve never understood why parents worry so damned much if a 2 year old does not want to… Read more »


Firstly: ‘your’.

Second: It’s a fork that looks like a plane; it’s not meant to be practical, it’s meant to be AWESOME. I think it does this very well.


lol…I got AirForkOne for my nephew this past Christmas.