Understanding the Space Shuttles

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“as the remaining shuttles will be retiring soon, its interesting to take some time and really appreciate all that they are capable of and have accomplished. this 45 min video shows stunning photography as a shuttle engineer describes all the details of take off and beyond. really interesting information….”
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    So $#$@#$#$ stupid we have NOTHING to replace the shuttles.

    And private companies may eventually get America back into space, but not for at least 10-15 years. So we have to depend on the Russians and their even older Soyuz spacecraft.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Space sucks. There’s no good reason to go there. Exploring with robots is good science, but sending up meat in a can is pointless.


    Yes, but while we’ve had shuttles exploding recently, I’ve seen nothing on the TV about Russian mishaps. While we’ve been trying to get more and more finesse and more technical and precise with our takeoffs, the Russians have continued using big dumb rockets. And big dumb rockets work. It’s why most of the American spacecraft pre-shuttle era were successful.