A Moment Of Silence

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    That very same morning right next to her coffee she noticed some bleeding and heard hollow coughing The national geographic was being too graphic when all she had wanted to know was the traffic The world’s got a nosebleed, it said, and we’re flooding but we keep on cutting the trees in the forest and we keep on paying those freaks on the tv who claim they will save us but want to enslave us and sweating like demons, they scream through our speakers but we leave the sound on ’cause silence is harder and no one’s the killer and… Read more »


    ” “


    Yeah, obviously. Leaving pieces of lyrics on posts is a MCS habit, it’s all right.


    It’s common courtesy to mention who you’re quoting. I’m sure Regina would appreciate that too.


    Like I said, it’s something people who’ve been on MCS for a while do, as you can see here:

    Let’s see you correct every single person who does it, unless of course it’s just me you have a problem with.


    I think it’s just jew
    I think he might be komisar or maggie.


    @die: If you don’t want to give credit where it’s due, fine.

    Personally I’m above that, also I’m above blaming tradition for my own mistakes. Ain’t I just grand?


    I have posted, credited and praised Regina Spektor all over this website, including a pencil portrait: www.myconfinedspace.com/2010/03/01/my-graphitey/

    It would only be a mistake if I didn’t intend for it to happen. Apparently you’re not above double standards though, since I don’t see you correcting anyone else but me.


    Don’t assume I keep tabs on what you do elsewhere on the site, or remember it when I do see it. I tend to scroll past tedious walls of poetry most of the time.

    And don’t worry, I’m not out to get you. I know you think you’re special, but you’re not the only one I correct. I don’t blame you for getting that wrong, though, as I’m sure that you don’t remember (or read) everything I write either.


    What? You haven’t been commenting regularly for very long, that’s why I told you those things. I informed you of things I knew you didn’t know.

    I think I’m special? What and you think you’re irrelevant? Then why are we having this conversation. From the first time I can remember that you replied to me you did nothing but belittle or try to insult me. If I don’t matter to you, how about you just leave me alone then.


    I’m sure you were being very helpful with your information about your interesting posting habits. As I’ve already said: if you don’t want to give credit, that’s fine, and now I see that it was deliberate. If you don’t want people talking to you, then you simply can stop commenting in a public forum so you don’t become paranoid when people respond to you two times in two weeks’ time (I call it lazy fortnight stalker syndrome). Don’t get me wrong, though, I always enjoy talking to people in tinfoil hats (who doesn’t?). You *are* special, but not in the… Read more »


    Jeez, so now you’re saying I’m mentally challenged because I disagree with you? I didn’t say you stalked me, but it seems like you get a kick out of being ridiculously condescending to people. I’m not the only one you’ve been doing it to.
    You’re the first person to make a tinfoil hat comment about me or call me “special.” I think that says more about you than it does about me.


    I’m sure everyone is mentally challenged in one way or another. One could even say it adds flavor.

    What does the tinfoil hat comment say about me, exactly? What flavor does it add? I’m glad to hear all and any views on the matter. Being vague about it is a poor way of communicating.

    Perhaps you are implying that you are so respected and of such widely known character that mentioning that you are perhaps overreacting is a silly thing to do? Don’t keep me guessing!


    Uh I don’t know, for one it seems to imply poor character if someone enjoys being condescending to someone they claim is mentally challenged. You also made this grand assumption based on one minor disagreement in another thread. The one about MTV, you think I’m paranoid and that I think the not very pro-atheist media is out to get me or something. Yet I bet it would surprise you if I told you that I’m not an atheist myself. If you’re going to deny any of this, please be so kind and tell me what it is that you base… Read more »


    I can live with you thinking I am of poor character. People who get corrected by me usually respond in a similar manner.

    So you’re not an atheist? Then I guess the tin-foil comment needs no further elaboration. I won’t ask you which religion you belong to, but I bet it requires you to believe in magic.

    Learn the first rule of holes.


    Wow ok, I guess I’m the only one who likes Regina Spektor. Sorry if I offended anyone.

    you’re the only one that knows about regina, it rhymes whit vagina.

    Nah, her name is Russian, the Russian pronunciation doesn’t rhyme with it. You can like Regina without knowing about her.

    did you know you can like communism whitout knowing anything about it, think about it.


    Aw come on. Let’s say you liked every poem Regina ever wrote, but you didn’t know it was by her, it’s very likely you’d like her too. Just like I know hardly anything about you, let alone what you look like, yet I like you very much. Oh god too much liek.

    I like where this is going 😀
    I have some nice sexy muscles 8========D

    Dude put your genitals away, this isn’t France.

    In Texas showing my dick to europeans is required by law


    All right, can’t argue with that. Gotta respect the law. Wait, this isn’t Texas either. Don’t try and screw me over, raccoon. These are international waters tubes.

    Alec Dalek

    Talk Radio = Pablum for adult babies.


    You know, as much as I hate the Dittoheads, I can’t blame them for the Tuscon event. Not that I feel sorry for them getting shit over this. It’s just that the rest of us shouldn’t lose our shit and act like idiots like how they do everyday.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Are you starting to see why I see the left wing nutjobs as worse? You DO act like this every day. WAY more than any old white person. While both parties pointed fingers the lefties went way farther and wrote long articles and went on CNN claiming it was the perceived other side’s fault. Left wing politics- speaks from the heart to the heart without any thought in between Right wing politics – all brain and no heart That’s why you grow into leaning right. There are no shortage of adages to support this. So left wing assholes are more… Read more »


    You have no idea how the right in America abuses religion, and vice versa.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I have a clear idea of what you’ve been told.

    Now consider the agendas of the people who told you that.

    There is your answer.