join the army at once to stop an air raid

join the army at once to stop an air raid

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    Balls to that. At least I can masturbate at home.


    What, you never heard of a “combat jack”?

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    I was just thinking about this “True life” documentary type thing I saw on TV a year ago. I was thinking about how I called the recruiters to get an easy job. I told them I have ADHD and the guy said “oh, wow, don’t tell them that”. Then I saw remembered the documentary where one of the new recruits said he has ADHD and they basically made him a slave in the ship (navy) And then I realized that 90% of people in this world will judge anything they don’t understand, and that I’m better than 90% of people… Read more »

    inb4 you are living whit daddy and he buys all your stuff, we know it to be true
    now tellusaboutyourmother

    too late

    Naw dawg


    Cool story bro.

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