Batman: Arkham City

Batman-Arkham_City_Batman-Harley.jpg (195 KB)

batman-arkham-city-wallpaper.jpg (152 KB)

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    tiki god

    this looks as boring as the first one.


    This is completely true, as the first one was not boring at all.

    tiki god

    I never played it, just watched some play through at a friend’s place and it never really struck me as an exciting game.

    I feel bad about feeling like that, cause I have 2 or 3 batman posters up in my house, but still.


    Give it a try, I think it’s the first decent 3D Batman game ever made.

    I can’t wait for this one.


    I’d not shy from saying it is the best Batman game ever made, period.


    the original was my favorite game of 2010. tiki give it another shot mate you will enjoy it