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On its own, that’s a pretty innocuous statement. Secrets about national security, a formula for coca cola, KFC, code for the MacOS or Windows are not inherently evil. What Assange is talking about are secrets which are harmful to mankind but that statement on its own doesn’t say that. Take away the notorious author of the statement and it becomes meaningless. Nice job with the quotation marks though!


Quotation marks fail.


It’s how quotation marks are being used in most European countries, the creator was most likely European.


It’s rather odd, even if the placement in the first one is to be ignored, the marks are facing the other way around.


I know, that’s how we do it. Although there’s pretty much every variation you could possibly imagine.



Well, I could understand if the message was written in Albanian, but no, it’s in plain ol’ English.

So, the mystery still astounds my limited comprehension of basic things.


Well no, if an English book quotes something that is written in German for example, you wouldn’t expect them to use German quotation marks, and then if it’s got a line in French, French quotation marks.
English is the second most widely spoken language in Europe, magazines and such print quotes in English all the time.

No it’s because you’ve got a thing for grammar and proper punctuation. Which is interesting, considering your hate for books.


i wonder what secrets wikileaks itself has.