Snow Removal

snow removal.jpg (1 MB)


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    Not gonna lie, if I had one of those machines I’d try it too. In fact I’d try it on a lot of things. And it’s got NOTHING to do with the fact that it would make me feel like a Ghostbuster.


    I have an electric leaf blower, and it’s like a goddamned portable hurricane. I use it to clean the needles off of my roof.

    tiki god

    how’s it work? I’m thinking about getting an electric one for my roof and/or yard, I really dislike the smell of gas, and it gets fucking everywhere with these small tools.

    this is the one that I’ve had my eye one :

    mind you, that’s $70 that I don’t have right now, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to be an internet millionaire in no time, right?


    I have a lower-powered version, and it’s very effective. I almost blew a loose tile off of my roof! Just be sure to have plenty of extension cords.


    I to, have the lower powered version. In green, it is great, I can not imagine needing a larger one. I have 9 acres of woods, so we get alot of leaves around the cars & in the yard, and it is just wonderful.

    This is one of those items that you only need in gas if you are a landscaper IMHFO.


    Yup, literally stronger than a hurricane (+75 mph). I don’t even have any trees, but after washing my car, I use mine to blow the water out of the little crevices, like around the headlights and from inside the rear view mirrors.


    Wrong? seems the snow leaving the sidewalk, and he is not working hard….


    those blower things are used all the time where I live… they work really well for light snow…

    the guy who made this picture probably doesn’t live anywhere near snow


    That’s what I was gonna say. We use ’em here for light fluffy snow that’s only a couple inches. The snow blower is a huge monster that we use when there’s a lo of snow.


    I see a lot of leaf blowers around here when it snows. Works great unless it’s a heavy wet snow. My father-in-law prefers to go out every couple hours and use the leaf blower when it is snowing hard rather than wait until the snow stops and bust out the snow blower. He says overall it takes less of his time.


    Regardless, it looks like it takes a lot less effort. Beats shoveling for sure.


    If that path behind him is any indicator, it seems that someone is finally doing it right.