Specific gift books

2010-11-07 18.54.56.jpg (150 KB)

Someone didn’t think too hard about the placement of the gift book advertisement in the marquee.

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    Why are coloring books full of white people?


    Dear Sir/Madam, I do believe you have made a spelling mistake. The correct spelling is ‘coloured’.


    Brit-troll McLol


    I used to work at a few Carmikes as a projectionist. Trust me when I say that this was intentional. Only 1 in 10 managers actually climb up to change the marquee, the rest of the time it’s one of the minimum wage doormen (ushers) that get to do it. If the boss doesn’t like it, then they can try to do it themselves since most of the time you can’t convince anyone to climb/re-climb rickity half-bent ladders that are 15-20ft+ above concrete or asphalt to redo them, especially for like $5 an hour (at the time.) Then there’s the… Read more »

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