Cobalt Blue

cobalt1.jpg (170 KB)

Pretty cool…and its blue, which is awesome

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    That can’t be natural, can it?

    Or is it through the ultra-violet spectrum or something?


    Its a real spider. Look it up.


    It’s true. Blue is awesome.


    I’ve always wanted either one of these, or a greenbottle blue.
    I hear they’re really argessive and fast though. Not a good beggining spider at all. Man I need to get me a fuzzy.


    Think I`ll pass when even an expert says this:

    “The big girl is the psychotic monster that is so well know to those who dare keep her! She’s quite unpredictable and may appear calm, but suddenly lash out at the slightest provocation. Chasing this girl around the room is a most disconcerting experience. She mostly hides in her burrow, but will occasionally venture out for a week-long vacation. Of all the spiders in my collection, this is the one I would least like to wake up next to…”


    can has spider?