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If you’ve ever used these, you know how awesome they are

Got a $50 pack for $9 shipped on ebay.

Got the original pack for nostalgia (first got the pack of blue for about $10 at autozone years back when I first got into the jimmy. I had splices, but I wanted to do a decent job since the jimmy was a lot nicer than the s-15 I formerly had access to. also, I had a feeling I was going to be doing this a lot. and I did. Switched head units in the jimmy about 6 times. Nothing happened to them, just got bored of one in there all the time)

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    figures, you would use one of the shittest ways to make connections..descent job, with these?!?! hahahahhahaha…thats a good one…if they were descent, then why doesnt the factory, or pro car audio installers use them? or any shop that does work on cars?


    you go dude, can’t stand these haters, loving these posts, wanna hang? buddy above has a hard time spelling the difference between descent and decent, maybe he’s an avid skier or mountain climber.


    i never said someone paying for it…nor did i say soldering…soldering does give the best conductivity…google it..if you did it right, you would have used something like a butt connector, and a wiring harness to interface with your factory radio wire harness..


    Who gives a shit?

    Alec Dalek

    Really looking forward to that MCS+ Casemods filter Tiki!

    Alec Dalek

    Tiki would just have to flag any dumb fuck loser posts as “casemods”. Or better yet, reject them.



    not trolled, just stating a fact


    You’re using English but your combination of words leaves a lot to be desired.


    Well, since you keep mistaking M[c]S as your personal show and tell, maybe you can forgive people trashing your posts, especially since trashing the whole site seems to be your main intent.




    I just want to go on record as saying: hey, johnny ringo, no one gives a fuck about your stupid jimmy, or your useless trashy shit. TIKI, i usually try to refrain from profanity online, but this douchebag’s posts are literally driving me away from your site. I will never pay you $25 as long as this street fag is posting on your site.


    More importantly, lol @ strip, insert, tighten