Garlic Joint

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    How Italians and vampires get high.
    I`m going to try this one day.


    Italians doing this? Where?

    Kik Dogg

    When ya got nothing to smoke out of, ya gotta get creative. I have never tried garlic paper, but it should work. I have used a coke can and a gum wrapper to make a pipe. Tinfoil shaped around a pencil is also something that works really well.

    casemods UID# 667

    Garlic is for cooking, not for smoking.



    cannabis is for cooking too. 8/


    I’ve used a coke can. Too ghetto for me imo.


    I used a pop bottle and tin foil for salvia.
    And a tiny tiny bong for weed.


    Coke cans are awesome- you just crush the evidence. My friend made a pipe out of a rock for one of our motorcycle trips. I asked him why he did it, and he looked at me and dropped it on the ground. What pipe, officer?


    gripping tale, chap


    ah, i see…

    i was going to say, it sounds like it could either taste very interesting, or very horrible, but that was when i thought the garlic was combined with the cannabis, rather than being the source of the paper the cannabis was wrapped in…

    i’ll have to try that… 8)


    you can make pipes out of apples. its pretty harsh but fun