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She is demonstrating how she got to be the first woman in space, too.


You may be more right than you realize. There’s speculation that Tatyana Kuznetsova was the favored to get this position, but personal conflicts between the women (or possibly their husbands) let Tereshkova get the spot.


Or maybe it was Valentina Ponomaryova, I can’t remember.

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Why would she eat food from a tube before her flight? Wouldn’t she just have a normal feed before boarding, and then wait until after take-off?


No. Then crumbs would get everywhere and start flying around after gravity drops off.


Sometimes launches can take awhile. Who knows how long she’d been sitting there.

I forget which astronaut, but there was an instance where one was sitting in the command chair for hours and had to radio mission control to see if it was alright to pee in his suit (it was, the alternative would have been stop the launch, send a crew up to the command pod, get him out of his seat, get him out of his suit, get him to a bathroom and likely scrub the launch for that day).

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If she can’t wait a few hours between meals perhaps she shouldn’t be an astronaut. Of course, she may have been waiting longer than a few hours…