Gold Locket

24095583.jpg (617 KB)

…with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette: British Museum

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    Whoa. I didn’t know about this, I adore and need to recreate it.

    fracked again

    The filigree is extremely easy to do. This is elementary stuff. I would have to order the glass case or find the right mold and slump the glass in a kiln and form a bezel around it. The lock and key would be very easy. It is extremely do-able.


    Nice, oh right this is what you do. I have no idea about any of this but I was going to look for the glass first and then add everything else, if I can. But it all depends on whether I can find the glass. I’m a carpenter so if I fail with the metal I’ll just try wood. Filigree is such a beautiful word.

    fracked again

    Look for Silver Threads on Amazon. You could do this pretty easily with a pair of pliers, a creme brulee torch and a soldering board. Honestly, the hardest part beyond setting the glass cab is getting filigree wire, but being in Europe, you should be able to find it easier than I can. At worst, look for Norwegian crafters, this is similar to their style. There is probably a glass artist near you that could make the face.

    Kik Dogg

    Wait, the key is RIGHT THERE. How do we know that no one switched the hair?


    I wouldn’t worry too much about it — even if they key wasn’t there, thieves have gone through much more trouble than picking a decorative lock that can be tumbled with a safety pin to get their hands on history.


    the* key. Proofread, moose. It takes 5 seconds.


    i don’t understand how anyone could aspire to be like that bitch.