2011 is shitty so far, how’s your year?

Well, I’m broke, and no one’s signed up for MCS+ in like…5 months, so I’m thinking about doing away with it completely, or not so completely, but reduce the price and change what you get with it.

Anyways, I’m having peanut butter and rice for dinner tonight, cause my stupid cat broke her stupid leg and I had to spend all that money to get her fixed.  Then I had a cold for all of christmas and new years, so I didn’t go out for either of those holidays, and didn’t get a NYE kiss, even from the sad fucks that were in the IRC room with me.

Guess I’ll just cry into my glass of water and look at dirty pictures from comic-images.com.

My first choice is Zatanna, god damn that woman is fine.  Next up will be Mary Jane and Black Cat doing the nasty (NSFW), then I think I’ll just stare at all 200 results for “power girl“.

I’m also in need of a comic book wallpaper, so I guess I’ll take  a minute or two over at www.zoom-comics.com where there’s uh, a few comic book wallpapers.

I’m sure that I haven’t told you guys about this other site:  if only because maybe I did, but I forgot about it in my recent flu riddled illness.  It’s all the nsfw stuff from randomnude, MCS, tikitumble, comic-images, et al, all in one glorious place.

Also, I still have The Dildo Connoisseur. Not sure what to do with that site, right now there’s just a holder page on it.

Anyways, that’s that.  On to the peanut butter and rice, and no alcohol.


Oh, and I just got a call from my mother, who’s apparently in the hospital, nothing too serious, but serious enough for her to stay over night.  Joy!

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    lower the price

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Here’s something you could do to get people to join MCS+: NO MORE CASEMODS. Everything time you accept one of his submissions, you’re giving us a reason NOT to pay you.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Comments, I can understand. But *YOU* are the only one who approves posts. When I go to MCS+ and see shit like this coming up:
    It doesn’t make me want to give you more money.
    I’ve been a MCS supporter for a longtime. I’ve bought stuff from your advertisers’ referral links, ‘donated a beers’ when you had that link and I paid for MCS+. But I’m not going to give you money when you keep posting this shit. And I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of other people who feel the same way.


    Hey Tiki could you do something to block all the people bitching about casemods, they’re ruining my experience on this site


    im sorry, but if casemods wasn’t here, this site would suck….he’s the sole reason i keep coming back, all these losers complain but they waste their time commenting on his posts…which in turn, gives us all a laugh. long live casemods.


    What if we get rid of #667, and then I make an account to post pictures of budget electronics and clothes from while constantly talking about how great I am — but I’ll skip over being a sexist dbag with terrible comebacks and the other users can just downvote everything “I” say while we argue and disrespect each other (but with wit this time).



    I was just looking for the Donate button. Ended up paying for MCS + just now. Ah well. Hope it helps out Tiki.






    Here here!
    You should offer “casemods/cashmods/anking/whaever stupidname he’s using this week ” – blocking as part of the premium service.
    THAT would get you subscribers.


    Please Trash casemods IP address again.


    ^ this


    I’m not going to tell you what to do about MCS+, but I have to agree: casemods does your site no good whatsoever. My year so far hasn’t been great either: I had to give my cat away, I’m dealing with the flu as well and I’m now unemployed. My house lease is about to go and I’m soon to be left with no more choice than to move back to my mother’s. That said, I sincerely hope your mother feels better soon. Regarding Assorted Body Parts, if you don’t mind that I make a suggestion, the links to older… Read more »


    Hang in there, Tiki. You’ve got people who’ve been with you a long time, through thick and thin, through sick and sin. It’s a rough time for many of us. Hopefully things will get easier for you so that you can continue to provide us freaks and weirdos with the high quality content we’ve come to expect. And by high quality, that DOESN’T include….well….you know who.




    yes, being able to not see all casemods post would be sooo worth it..if i wanted to see 4chan quality post, i would visit 4chan…he doesnt need his own section, he needs to be banned…which would most likely help in keeping some of the random visitors that stroll through..im sure most see “i got this for $100 and the MSRP is $999.99..i plan on painting it green, after i get XXXX and XXXXX and XXXX for it”, makes the site seem like its a place for ‘crappy products’ and what not


    I’ve put it in a post or two, I’d pay if there was no casemods, but do you even read those?


    2011 so far sucks. It better start getting better, or I’m just going to start punching people.

    madhouses visites

    bring back theme day!


    Theme days w/ OC seem to be the most popular, certainly I enjoy them.


    I’ll have to start looking for more stuff to post. Regarding Zatanna, HELL yeah she’s hot! I’m gonna have to start looking more at Assorted Body Parts. Nice site.

    On another tangent, Hope your mother is OK. I know the feeling. It sucks.


    I don’t give a rat’s ass about Casemods at all, If I don’t want to see anything he puts up, I just keep on scrolling down, which takes like 1 extra second…hardly anything worth whining constantly about. When I had time, I posted shit tons of stuff. Now that I’m too busy, I’m just a spectator now unless I come across something very post worthy. If you don’t want to see his shit, post your own stuff and his shit will get buried in the pile. Since I’ve been enjoying your content for the better part of the last decade… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    you used to post a lot of the best stuff


    I actually enjoyed posting stuff but I think I slowed down when submitting started to become a pain. Either the submission engine was down or it started to take too long to get the page loaded and when it did, the form would crap out. After like 2 or 3 tries, I just gave up. I still have a big ass folder full of images I wanted to submit from a long time ago, but I haven’t added to it in a while…maybe when the site’s performing better or there’s an easier way, I’ll get on it again. Until then,… Read more »


    I hate to contradict Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, but I actually had thought of that same quote just days ago when I woke up feeling like the stuff casemods posts because of my flu and went to bed feeling like what casemods thinks of the stuff he posts (and no drinking was involved).


    Tiki, do whatever you think is right.. Casemods was entertaining and hell he still is.. I’m ok with the gay stuff as long as that douchenozzle never lays hands on me. Seriously though, do what you think is right. Get mofokin angry about your cash situation and evolve with the times my friend. I don’t know you but you put a lot of very good Jennifer Lopez stuff on the site and I believe you can use the power of her ever loving thighs and buttocks to power yourself through these hard times! May JL provide and if all else… Read more »


    Casemoods crap on the main site doesn’t really annoy me; I just keep scrolling. The forums though, he is really annoying there. I’m w/ you about your cat. Pets can cost us a lot of money at the worst possible moments. Puppy got into someone’s garbage a few years ago and ate the Styrofoam that meat is wrapped in. It become stuck in his intestines; see ya $1000. I hope your mom is doing well. I should call mine… I’ve noticed that it tends to go in cycles. There are times when a single group of subs are really paying… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico



    Hope all gets better soon Tiki; <3


    Constructive critiscm, for what it`s worth- NSFW+ hasn`t worked in months. All links 404. Trashed posts 505. “Notify me of follow up comments” on NSFW doesn`t work. These issues were posted in the forums, but I guess nobody saw it. Peeps won`t pay for something that doesn`t work. Just sayin`.. Also, IMO $25 a year is too much for your main audience, which I assume is college age? I`ll email you a similar website, one you probably know of, but take a look anyway at how he does his. $30 lifetime membership. (I am only a member of MCS, I`m… Read more »


    if Casemods brings in $$ by people clicking, then do what you gotta do. Some of us just scroll on by…usually.

    and, hope your mom`s doing well.

    That`s all for now.


    I’ll make you a deal.

    I’ve done unix/linux programming for 13 years as well as mysql and php programming for 9 years.

    You ban casemods/cashmods/whatever fucking nick he uses to post and I’ll help you keep this site running as best I can for an MCS+ account, square trade.



    DO EET!

    lemon floor wax

    You are my hero.


    If this happens, I will for sure become a MCS+ member.

    Tiggle Bitties

    I love you muddie. Tiki he sounds like jesus! As a college student though I would rather spend 25 dollars on food but I can see giving away that money to a programmer who would significantly improve my MCS experience. I come here all the time, it makes my day a lot of the time and I’ve always thought of MCS as ‘my’ online community: classier than /b/ and full of decent people who rightly get angry at me. Tiki, your site, for all its problems has probably made me a better person. When I get spending money of my… Read more »


    Speaking of dildo’s….. How’s this idea for a site… you’ve seen the “Will it Microwave?” series right? How about one like it but it’s called “Will it fit?” It’s bound to be a hit, especially if it has video and not just pics.

    I get free MCS+ for that awesome suggestion, right?


    I would pay $25 a year for that.


    There’s something funny going on at assortedbodyparts.com. The first page isn’t up to date. I’ve tried clearing my cache on different browsers, and it seems to be the only page affected.