Napoli’s big problem

Pozzuoli_NASA_ISS004-E-5376_modified_names.jpg (708 KB)

“Campi Flegrei, also known as the Phlegraean Fields (from Greek ??????, burning), is a large 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) wide caldera situated to the west of Naples, Italy.”
“It is a volcano capable of producing VEI 7 eruptions, as large as that of Tambora in 1815.”
“Recent inflation of the caldera centre in the vicinity of Pozzuoli may presage an eruptive event within decades.”

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    I hate to say it… but Mother Nature is a real hash bitch and will always win… particularly when it come to volcanic eruptions… this is one of those “Fuck it and move” times…..

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s OK though, Naples is a bit of a hole.


    Every year about 60 volcanoes erupt around the globe – no big deal unless you live nearby.

    My recommendation is not to live nearby.