Too Much Money

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    Alec Dalek

    Casemods will never have this problem.


    This is what Republicans actually believe.


    The Democrats are the ones who tried to extend the Bush tax cats for everyone BUT the rich.


    Because wealth has not been so concentrated among such a small percentage of the population since the days of the robber-barons. Seriously dude, the numbers are getting really fucked up. Its not about redistributing wealth, but the rest of us are in a recession here. Paying your taxes is an act of patriotism.


    Yeah but it’s not the rich that are getting killed. Republicans are the ones that are blocking the 9/11 first responders bill, for example. 900 first responders have died because they couldn’t afford proper medical care and the ones that are still alive are drowning in debt.


    That bill was finally passed earlier this month after Faux News of all things finally called the republicans out on their shit for once. It was actually quite a thing to see.


    I see, that’s good, although still almost a decade and 900 lives too late. It’s inexcusable for such a wealthy nation, in my opinion. Anthony Weiner’s outrage is about how I felt when I heard about it. He’s such a great guy.


    Don’t forget Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.


    Eh, Stewart rails against republicans all the time. He may have started the ball rolling but I really believe they wouldn’t have done anything if Fox hadn’t taken the same side. I guess Libmbaugh couldn’t come up with a good enough narrative for them to cling to.


    Ah, but he put himself “in the game” this one time and did a whole show on just this.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca






    The evils of sooooocialism!

    casemods UID# 667

    This is like me and M[C]S

    Now it all makes sense why everyone’s hates me so much!


    Don’t be sad; I don’t hate you.


    This is what happens when the rich don’t take care of the poor… the poor come to kill the rich. Case in point: the French Revolution. The moment all those French peasants decided they were tired of being fucked by the rich, anyone rich was themselves fucked.