Airport Body Scanners…

airport body scanner minimally intrusive.jpg (46 KB)

are minimally intrusive.

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    they covered the face, that has to count for something.


    They probably covered it with a black cloth sack.


    It would be amusing to fake a leak of some celebrity’s nude-o-scan.
    Perhaps a politician?


    Funny how the Feds say they dont keep these yet here they are. And if you use Facebook be carefull what you say , Im on the Watch List for possible Terrorist. Freedom of Speech, as long as They agree with you.


    And you can still sneak bombs knives or cocaine through just tape it to you sides?


    At least it’s nothing anyone is going to want to fap over. Yet.

    fracked again

    Xray machines have to be calibrated and tested on a regular basis, these don’t. I’ll take the grope. I’ll even wear my kilt if it helps.


    Isn’t this terahertz radiation? It’s not gonna give you cancer.

    fracked again

    They are on the lower energy side of x rays, but they can still cause DNA damage. They also penetrate much further into the body than has been claimed. The dose is supposed to be very low, but they still need to be maintained to keep them that way, and I’m not convinced that the TSA can do so.

    Its just security theater anyway, even the pat downs. Either do a police style frisking or just let me on the plane.


    Walk through the scanner holding your ticket, license, and $5.
    If asked what the $5 is for, say “The happy ending”.

    Totemo Benri

    good thing these pix are not stored,
    and will never be made available to the public.

    Not a problem for me though, I have decided to never fly again.

    TRAINS rock! but are slow 🙁

    can’t wait for my first microbe infested overseas cruise!


    Fuck yeh, living in fear! Everyone is a potential terrorist guys, you should be shitting your pants.


    When I was in Iraq, we could not search the women the way AMERICANS are searched at airports.

    They used women to smuggle weapons, bombs, ect. We had to use hand held detectors, and could not touch the women.

    And clearly, pictures have been saved. Their should be a congressional investigation, and people should be in fucking jail.