my new car

Photo-0028.jpg (395 KB)

just bought it myself

do you like it M[C]S?

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Alec Dalek

Hey Tiki, maybe as a perk of MCS+, in addition to removing ads, you can filter casemods postings. You’d probably make A LOT of $$$!!!


I thought this was and not

Luke Magnifico

There was at one point , but I think it got ditched somewhere in the Server Madness.


I requested that a long time ago, but I think it may have fallen to the way-side


more like your USED CAR, am I right?


This car reminds me of that South American native people that tied planks to their kids’ heads to make their foreheads slope and skull pointy.


Sir, I think I will proceed to disregard your opinion about my family roots.

In recent news:
Damn Casemods, at least your jimmy was better than this crap.


I thought that was the barbarian tribes of Central Europe.


I thought it was the Mormons in Utah.


The car is alright, but those wheels are fucking hideous and need to go.


I like the Camaro! Put a 2001 body kit on it, and it would look really good! And lose the rims.


Those aren’t rims, they look more like those cheap-ass crap plastic wheel covers they sell at k-mart.


lol You’d be able to see the black steel rim with all that empty space. Sadly, I’ve seen several sets of rims very similar to these. 😀


Damn, that sad.

Such a waste of perfectly good metal.


Who cares? Really? It’s going to be up on blocks in his front yard in a couple weeks anyway.


TIKI. Can I please pay to filter this shit?


This guy trolls so damn hard and you guys bite every time.


We have a WinRAR

Personally I don’t mind all the casemods posts, its kind of entertaining. What does perplex me is the fact that people comment on his posts all the time saying he is such a troll, when simply ignoring all his posts for like a month or so would make him stop posting.

However, long may the trolling continue. Casemods, your doing a good job buddy.


Amen brother


i agree, cashmods fo life.


Jesus Christ, no.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

Isn’t there snow in Illinois right now?


and there’s no future time stamp…


Ok, here’s my theory…

Tiki, as sad as it is, is Casefag, and he continues to post this useless shit so eventually everyone is like “omg I’ll donate so I don’t have to look at this crap all the time k thx”. So Tiki will set up a feature that allows donors to block posts made by certain users. But the joke’s on us because we’re really giving our money to Casemods who, in turn, is really Tiki who, in the end, is laughing at all of us.

Yeah, just a theory…


If it wasn’t for the mass video-chat M[C]S had when the sever issue happened, I’d buy this. Alas, Tiki and #667 look nothing alike.

I think Tiki just has more patience and empathy for misguided late bloomers whose self-god complex masquerades as naivety.


in before 243 pictures of this car being spray painted


hmmm Mr Troll… just another douche bag in a convertible on shitty wheels and a shitty V6. REAL car enthusiast would turn their nose up at this ghetto hoo doo, but then again its obvious mommy ran off with her boss and your going to live with your daddy in some shitty apartment while you post every shitty thing you buy and do in life on some random website run by TIKI whom you would probably blow if given the chance. Get a life kid, go troll the real world.. get your ass beat a few times and it might do you some good.


dime a dozen. get a classic car douchebag these are seen everywhere and cost next to nothing.
oh wait you live with your parents i guess with your minimum wage job you might be spending a fortune on a car like this.
or knowing your troll douche bag shit you probably saw this car, took a picture, and posted it saying it was yours.

Here's a few awesome images!