3 Months of Halo stats.

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From bungie.net

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    I has black visor. Pestilence is my goal points wise.


    I got the shotgun bullet thingy


    I am Romanian, what is this?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Actual accomplishments: 0.


    A kill frenzy is 20 kills? Typo alert!


    So i’m guessing i’m the only one who thinks leveling happens way too slowly.


    I think I just figured out why I got tired of this game. The game is set in like 2550 something and you are the most highly trained soldier ever. They give you a gun that just uses bullets instead of some fucking awesome high tech shit, but it’s OK because your wearing fucking awesome reactive MJOLNIR armor. You’re invincible. You should plop down on the field and be A GOD. But instead some fucking n00b pummels you in the back right when you spawn. This has happened OVER A BILLION TIMES IN THIS GAME. It’s the god damned future.… Read more »


    The best way that I found out is to go out in the open, wait for an enemy vechile, shot them, get their attention, run around like a noob,
    wait until they are about to hit you then go into armolock, funny as hell. 😀



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    A realistic simulation of future space warfare would be something like launching relativistic missiles at the enemy homeworld from several solar systems away then waiting hundreds of years for the light from the explosion to reach your telescopes. Not easy to make that into a fun game.


    Like using asteroids with mass drivers; then we can blow ourselves up in the interim.