Tree of life

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:In central Bahrain stands a large mesquite tree known as the Tree of Life. It’s the only tree that survives in that part of the desert, and it’s been there for 400 years. Currently, scientists have no idea where it’s finding water and nutrients. The local inhabitants believe with heart and soul that this was the actual location of the Garden of Eden

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    Love it, great find. There are many organisms that end up evolving in ways we didn’t think possible because of rough environments. I guess that goes for people too now that I think about it, at least socially.


    People physically too.


    That’s true, but the dramatic changes like we can still see in plants and animals have kind of stopped, no? I know people can literally grow thicker skin if they need to or develop better eyesight or instincts but these are all kind of predictable. I guess what I’m trying to say is I want some new gadgets man. Something like Mimic Octopus’ skills.


    I do wonder where it is getting it’s water. Perhaps there is an underground river or something.

    Alec Dalek

    Or some cult is watering it at night.

    fracked again

    But the scientists don’t know, man! So it has to be Jesus magic!


    Is it bad that I want to cut it down?

    I mean how often do you get to kill something that’s 400 years old.


    You’ve watched Twilight again, haven’t you?


    Make some BBQ.

    Mmmmm BBQ.


    If you climb it, is Odin waiting at the top to kick you off for being a stupid mortal and climbing his tree?


    the worlds largest deposit of unobtanium is right below it. what do the blue monkeys want?


    “So, how do you figure this tree is getting its water and nutriets from?”
    “I don’t know. Maybe we should investig–”
    “IT’S GOD!”

    If you offer some bland and unrequested scientific theory and make fun of anyone having the nerve to find spiritual meaning in that tree’s existence then the curse will be lifted and your penis and balls will grow back, fags.


    Jesus Magic??? Like fairy tale composers converting a delusional, out of work carpenter into a diety over a period of three hundred years by cutting and pasteing bullshit onto his legend? THAT kind of magic?