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Environmentally friendly

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    Whoever did this graphic should go back to school to learn:

    A) spelling & grammar


    B) ethics, why piracy amounts to ripping off developers & artists & investors who spend time & money to assemble the games people enjoy.


    It’s mostly only the indie developers that deserve the money, the big companies actually make more profit because of piracy but all they do is recycle the same type of game for the last four years or so. Also I know you’re a developer yourself. If what you produce is of quality then it will sell, piracy will never be a threat to true creativity, it’s the big unimaginative companies that are the threat. And guess what, because of all this anti-piracy propaganda they make sure they get bigger. There have been countless success stories about all types of indie… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s funny. I don’t care about those people, at all.


    How “green” is the production of computers, gaming platforms, etc…?


    I know my own piracy has declined a whole lot since digital downloads (via Steam mostly) became available.

    That’s pretty green too.


    Yeah, just use steam. Great games are practically free on there all the time thanks to the great sales. Like the holiday sales going on now. No, I do not work for steam, but they do get a lot of my money.


    No matter how you justify it, piracy is still stealing. This attempt is pathetically flimsy. It’s almost embarrassing. Especially considering how digital purchase is the primary way to buy PC/Mac games these days.


    Still not the primary way people buy games, no. But it’s getting there.


    You know what’s funny, nobody here claimed anywhere that piracy isn’t stealing. You already stated in another thread about piracy that you STEAL things over the Internet yourself, so what’s with this self righteous bullshit? Stop acting like just because you insist on calling it stealing that it makes you somehow superior to the people who don’t. Nobody gives a shit, especially when piracy is one of the things that helps these people grow.