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    casemods UID# 667

    But zombies are supposed to be un-dead and have no brains?


    Where is it said they have no brains? Having no brains is not a precondition to hungering for brains.

    Luke Magnifico

    They need to at least have brainstems.


    The last one is embarassed because he feels that he is perpetuating the sterotype of Zombies only being concerned about their intake of brains, the other zombies are more cerebral or philosophical, and the last one feels he is inferior. He is most likely in the next frame going to stammer out something about how he heard that Zombies are the fear that religious people have that there is no afterlife and that Heaven does not exist, that after death there is only earth and you will remain there for the rest of your days. The other zombies will just… Read more »


    Well, somebody had to demonstrate just how tenuous the line between civilization and barbarism really is.

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