NZXT hades case – $10

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Got it tonight from a guy on CL

Case was basically brand new in the box with all the original items (which is awesome)

Guy said it was used as a test pc so was really never used.

Anyways, it has epic cable management (that I am still not done with, I just threw it together pretty quick)

Top has 3 temp sensors (switchable to C or F)

Also has 2 fan controllers built in.

Front 200mm fan

Side 200mm Fan (doesn’t fit with the 120mm quad copper heatpipe kingwin xt 1264 cpu cooler)

Top 140mm (dual)

Read 120mm

First case with actual built in cable management.

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    Nice looking case.
    Too bad it doesn’t help your crippled psyche.
    Go back to therapy case, you’re still a douchebag.


    dude. in that first pic…that is a nice fork. you could totally eat spaghetti with that, i should imagine. you know if you liked spaghetti. i’m not saying you do. but if you’re into that sort of thing…that fork would be totally awesome for just that.


    or for cleaning out dust bunnies from your wall sockets.


    That’s not cable mangement, that’s a rats nest. If you are going to brag please sleeve those cables. The PCI-E cable for your video card is wire tied to your chassis before going through the managment port which is directly below it. And please please get a better power supply, a 500w for a Radeon 5770 is just 50w above what ATI recommended and Ultra are not exactly known for thier power margins.

    Kind regards,
    the voice of sanity


    I don’t understand why this cretin keeps posting. Are he and Tiki lovers or what?

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