COTS Demo Flight 1

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Spacex_dragon_cots_demo_1_logo.png (110 KB)

8 Dec 2010, 10:43:00 am
“SpaceX launches (pictured) and recovers the Dragon spacecraft during its first test flight, the first commercially-developed spacecraft to successfully return after orbiting the Earth.” (Wiki)

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    Love it. This is fantastic. In 50 years, commercial spaceflight agencies will dominate. They’ll also continue to fight government legislation after botched attempts to police their own industry. Sure enough, there will be a huge disaster in space caused by some bloated company and some feckless CEO that would rather boat race that fix the problem.


    I think you missed the point of his post, but these guys are awesome (I’m assuming these are the guys that are doing the commercial flights).


    I think he was making a point about industries policing themselves poorly and how this will almost certainly go that way as well.


    Until I read the comment, I thought this was Madonna’s new dildo. Then I realized, it’s too small for her.


    im sure madonnas tighter than your mum.

    Luke Magnifico

    A joke about Madonna?

    You must be lost, this is not the late 90s.