shoe repair shop

I worked in a shoe repair shop. I was usually in the backroom jerking off

the soles of worn out shoes, but once in a while I got to handle some jugs

of dye we used. My boss was so cheap. He made me twist his nipples off

the old bottles and use them on the new ones. One time I saw his junk

pile of old shoe parts crawling with rats. Worst summer ever!

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    That beard kind of gives you a lumberjack look. I demand red plaid flannel shirt and suspenders tucked into jeans photos! Keep the hat.


    I see what you did there


    Reminds me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, where some chick keeps pausing to take a sip of her drink… “yea, that’s how I got started working in porn” … “you know People Of Religious Nations” or something. Good times.