jennifer lopez – leggy

jennifer lopez - leggy

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    You people that complain about short hair making certain women look like guys should consider this woman’s lack of boobage.


    You must be young or lacking in visual observation skills. See her throat? See how its wide and reptilian? Not normal, you know what she can do with that throat? This woman officially has 3 fuck holes, bad ass legs and your worried about her boobies? Grow up my man, you can buy milk at the store but you will rarely if ever encounter a woman with such an anaconda sized mouth fuck hole.. Just my 2 cents


    I pity your pet snake.

    fracked again

    I do hope you don’t consider breasts on non-lactating women to be a source of milk.


    You know this obsession you have with a pop star/bad actress who hasn’t been popular in five or ten years? Yeah, it’s a little creepy.

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