World’s Most Expensive Christmas Lights

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Family Spends $82k to Light Christmas Lights, Clark Griswold Would Approve

The Faucher family of Delaware has been building holiday scenes on their property for the past 25 years. This year, they have over 1,000,000 lights. According to HouseLogic the family pays about $686 an hour to run the lights and will rack up a bill of $82,320 over the month.

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    Not to mention that they have the largest carbon footprint of any family in Delaware!


    Fucking assholes. They’re wasting thousands of dollars a day on Christmas lights when they could be spending it on hookers and blow.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I would so do this if I had the money.


    What charitable, unselfish, non-egotistical humanitarians they are! Meanwhile, at the local homeless shelter: “Could I have a second helping of snow please?”


    Wow Aquman is a total dick. I mean really, they have put together a extremely impressive light show, wihch cost them money, not to mention the time (which must be considerable) that it takes to set up – all for the enjoyment of their community. Locally we have a pretty nice light show synced to music, and people come with their kids and watch the show. It is nothing near as impressive as this.

    This family is awesome, good for them.


    Yeah, we have a similar one here. It was started as a kids’ project at the local vo-tech school and has become an annual event.

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