Nic Cage Loves Fire 2

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    wow. these are all shitty movies


    Nic Cage trying to make some money and pay some bills –


    Why didn’t you include the most obvious movie, Ghost Rider, when he is literally on fire?

    Alec Dalek

    I’d say he plays the exact same character in every movie, but that would imply he can act.


    Bad Lieutenant wasn’t as bad as I thought – I gave a huffing “oh god its acting face cage, this will be shit” but he was ok – he did however pull his “Hi I’m Nicholas Cage, welcome to my amazing world of same-facery, watch me pull a half crazy half grinning face at you to convey my characters instability – it will be hard to predict where it will lead, but I assure you, this face will result in a tense scene and an extra star from a crosseyed film critic” face though.

    Luke Magnifico

    Knowing was actually surprisingly good.


    It was better than my expectations, but could have been sooooo much better. I pretty much much felt about his remake of The Wicker Man.


    This is a man I would not swerve nor slow down to avoid, should he be in front of my car. In fact, if he is within 180 degrees of the front of my car, I might swerve or speed up to see that I got to spend a satisfying few months in jail for manslaughter. (I know a good lawyer, shut up)

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