Best Zombie fortress

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    So you’re saying Huckleberry Finn had the right Idea


    So if we can make zombie diesel, can we make man diesel too?

    Alec Dalek

    Ok, so you have a source of diesel, but where do you get more lye and methanol?


    It seems like you can extract lye from hardwood ash.
    Methanol is just a form of alcohol, and we know how to make that.

    Wikipedia saves the day again!

    Luke Magnifico

    But if you’re burning that much wood it’d be much more efficient to just run off steam.


    Both!! This is the Zombie Apocalypse! Improvisation and fall back plans, fail safes and contingency plans!!!

    Luke Magnifico

    I’d rather stick with the one where I didn’t have to be in physical contact with zombies at all, thank you.


    Spending your existance on a boat that can never touch land – wasn’t that the Flying Dutchman’s curse?


    Nice nice


    Discard water? Fuck no! Run that shit through the charcoal/sand filters for re-use. This is the zombie apocalypse, not Reagan ’80s, you think we can be wasteful?

    Luke Magnifico

    That is a zombie sludge byproduct, you can never be too careful.


    Keeping the ammunition in a room full of cooking utensils seems like a bad idea — as does keeping the dry storage (I’m assuming that food store goes here too) so close to explosive diesel tanks and zombie sludge.

    Rest seems nice.


    Thank god there’s people who think about this and prepare something like this so I can pick them off and steal their shit.


    Read World War Z by Max Brooks. Zombies don’t breathe and can stay underwater until they literally fall apart. They can also crawl up anchors and clog propellers because as the decompose, their bodies produce gases which makes them float. Just saying.


    That from the zombie safe house competition i wish I had the URL

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