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man, I wish

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The US, schools do get all the money they need. We spend more money on education that just about any country, but the system still sucks. Some problems just can’t be solved by throwing more money at them.


    I don’t get it, then why is it so expensive for people in the US to go to college. As far as specifics go I’m not well informed but I do know people who have to have two jobs and take loans in order to study, while I don’t have to work at all to afford school if I didn’t want to. If what you said is true, then perhaps the money just isn’t managed properly? Also I’m assuming this is not what you meant by “the system still sucks.”

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You’re talking about post-secondary education. Since bake sales are usually in the domain of primary education, that’s what I was talking about.


    I see. I thought the bake sales thing was just an analogy.


    Do you have any sources for this? It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that all my personal experience, anecdotal evidence of colleagues, having had a roommate & family who are teachers, and so on… all tell me the exact opposite. If you mean gross, that I could imagine that. The United States is the third most populous country in the world, and I’m willing to bet we spend more per child than China & India. If you mean per child… well, you should see the schools they have here in Switzerland. Or the ones I taught at… Read more »


    I’ll be damned.

    I guess Switzerland being #1 would explain the quality of schools here. Thanks.


    It also explains why there is no Swiss equivalent to Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry.


    The district where I went to school has a $6.7 million dollar deficit.


    More like a cold day in hell. This country will self destruct long before that ever happens.


    My high school almost lost accreditation because we didn’t have enough books, later we actually ran out of copier paper for a month or two, and most of our English textbooks were hand-me-downs from inner city schools.

    However, as much as education is cool, soldiers die when they have sub-par materials which is what they would be given if they had major budget cuts.

    And I may be crazy, but I think even my teachers would agree that going without copier paper for a month or two is better than death.


    And what, the U.S. military doesn’t have cuts in its budget as well. The military budget IS APPROVED BY CONGRESS. And yes, I am biased, but there are so many systems and checks that go into acquiring a product it is mind-boggling. When the military spends money on something, its because they need it. Contrast that with education systems, where every kid is “valued” as a student, when it is clear by middle school that some students will never go to college and should be taught a vocation instead of a H.S. diploma. And let’s not even get into the… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Dumbest post ever.

    Seriously whoever made this is a retard.

    Fucking hippy bullshit.

    It’ll be a great day when pricks who think stupid shit like this die off.


    As much as I despise casemod, you should take notes. He’s leaps and bounds better at trolling than you are.


    The hyena avatar is appropriate though.


    The monocle makes the difference!


    Or we could just bomb other countries schools so they can keep their kids stupider than ours.

    Gold Disease

    I’m in the AF and I’m going to school for education; to eventually teach high school. Bake sale’s are never raised to fund an education. They’re for school trips, various extracurricular activities, and niceties; not necessities. Schools don’t hold bake sales for textbooks or lab equipment, and believe it or not, the AF actually DOES hold bake sales. It helps fund things like Flight or Squadron stateside morale gatherings, or, lo and behold, any extracurricular, off site functions for the Airmen and NCOs so that they don’t have to pay out of their already modest pockets. From wherever the notion… Read more »


    Please post pics of an Air Force bake sale.

    Gold Disease

    Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures where I work. I can get shots of the AF gift wrapping table outside the PX though. Whether or not this is a ploy for my credibility, a bunch of my Airmen wrapping presents for kids in uniform is always a glorious sight to see; it’s actually a part of “community involvement” for their performance reports.


    That would be great to see. Be sure to post it on some kind of submissions based image website. If only I could think of one at the moment.

    Gold Disease

    I just happen to have one in mind. 🙂


    I can teach my kid reading writing and arithmetic.

    I think it is bull shit that I pay taxes for OTHERS PEOPLES KIDS to learn. If you can not afford the kid, don’t get fucking laid retard.

    I think it is crap that people who take the time to HOME SCHOOL their children still have to pay school taxes.

    I can’t teach my kid how to fly a bomber. That is why the Air force gets my taxes.


    I’m a pacifist. Why do I have to pay taxes for other people to bomb foreign counties?

    I live on a private road. Why do I have to pay taxes for other people to drive on paved roads?

    If my house catches on fire, I can put it out. Why do I have to pay taxes to support a fire department for other people?

    Come to think of it, why do I have to pay for ANY government service I don’t use.

    The libertarian mindset is hilarious.


    I was going to respond as you did, but then I remembered that this guy is a troll. He’s not looking for a meaningful response, but he’s asking for a punch in the face.

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