Furries in a nutshell

Furriesnutshell.jpg (103 KB)

Yeah well, I still don`t get it.

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    If you say so. I try not to communicate with these people.


    Ah furries, the internet’s punching bag.


    I know a guy who makes 7k a month selling these people art. It’s amusing watching him lie when people ask him what he does. He’s gotten good at it.


    If I had a demographic I could benefit off of, and the talent to do it, I’d exploit to hell and back. Be it rapists, furries, casemods, I don’t give a shit.


    “I’m a pervert and I needed somewhere to go”

    You’re in. Welcome to the internet.


    I honestly don’t see why people have such a problem with furries. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it! I mean, whatever floats your boat, man! you never see anyone getting on another person’s back for liking bondage, do you? and don’t tell me “it’s unnatural”, because it’s just as unnatural as transsexuals and dickgirls. I admit, I do enjoy furry porn. fursuiters kinda creep me out, but I like furry porn. I don’t wish I was an animal, nor do I think I am an animal inside, I just find furry porn fappable. except the gay stuff.… Read more »


    You *are* an animal, and so am I. Darwin, hoo!

    *Flaps his cape and jumps out the window*


    oh, and I forgot to mention that I particularly enjoy the work of Jay Naylor.


    Isn’t that pretty much the whole Internet in a nutshell, really?