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Nissan Leaf is officially EPA rated at 99 MPG (equivalent). The $561 in electricity equates to two months of petrol (for me).
Now we need to find more environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.

More info here:

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    Hmmmm, not listed where the electricity is gonna come from. Probably not from wind or nuclear. That leaves coal. Kinda defeatst the purpose.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why not nuclear?


    Because a lot of people are against using clean nuke power and are trying activly to have it shut down. And there’s more coal plants that nuke plants. For that fuel economy though, i’d have no problem plugging my car into a coal plant!

    Luke Magnifico

    A lot of people voted for Bush. Twice.


    Ahhh… A lethal dose of BDS. I thought we were through with that crap. Guess not.

    tiki god

    it’s not listed because it’s not known. here in florida we have a couple nuclear power plants, I pass by the crystal river one everytime I go visit my mother for the holidays. Here in the panhandle we just shot down a coal power plant and are moving forward on solar power, it’s something that makes sense for our area, but may not make sense for others.

    cars aren’t really that’s large of an impact on global warming or CO2 production, moving from gas to electric is more of a quality of life thing for cities that suffer from pollution on a local level.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Even coal power plants are more efficient than internal combustion engines. On the downside, we have the plenty of coal right in the US, so we’ll need another excuse to invade random Middle East countries every decade or so.


    I’ve been driving a Fiesta Sedan and honestly I’d rather it over the leaf. I’ve always loved Otto and Diesel engines, and I think they still have a lot of potential. Electric cars are kind of… gay. Plus, those Batteries in those cars aren’t clean to get, I’ve been to a mine in Bolivia and the conditions are horrid.

    tiki god

    why were you in bolivia

    Alec Dalek

    You really should just take the meds your doctor gives you.


    obama wants electric rates to go up.
    Anybody see that vid clip on the campaign trail where he said that “electric rates would necessarily skyrocket” ?? His words, not mine.
    What number would that $561 turn into then ??
    Say what you will about coal and nuclear power, the viable alternatives to these would NOT be able to keep up with Russia and China, who don’t have plans anytime soon to switch to wind and solar power.
    Alternative sources are fine to augment nuclear and coal.


    Ok so i would be able to drive to and from my fiances house once before i would have to recharge. I would have to “refuel” at least once a day and take out a half hour in order to charge up my car again. I’m sorry but this car looks like it is going to be useless for anyone who lives in the suburbs.


    Hey, that’s the best troll physics image ive seen so far


    We dont have anymore nuke plants because carter sign an executive order to that effect. We also dont reuse the fuel, so the rods go through once, and then can no longer be used. Where as the rest of the nuclear free world reprocesses the rods to be used again, we just have to dispose of it in one pass.

    Instead of putting in all this money into wind, solar, tidal, and all that tree hugging feel good BS, we should be funding stellerator or TOKAMAK technology, then we’ll really be harnessing the power of the sun.


    As Timmay72 said, almost all of our power comes from coal. Which is not a big deal, coal is carbon, it burns, and it comes out as carbon. Trees capture & use it, coal is carbon neutral, even if you think carbon is harmful.

    Luke 1-5: come on, you know full well that the people that voted for Bush are not the people that hate nuclear power. Nuke power is as green as it gets, but we are scared of it for no good reason.

    TheLotusEater725: You are right, and you can forget about it being used in rural America. Lets not even talk about the fact that the power ultrastructure in most cities is not able to support these cars, due to decades of miss management, and obstructions in upgrading power lines and power plants of all types. Every time someone wants to build or upgrade a power-plant – regardless of type it gets fought.

    Nimbo: Didn’t know that about reusing the rods? Is there a reason?

    tiki god: Solar would be nice but it takes up huge amounts of space to be productive, is very expensive to start up & maintain compared to other methods, and even in regions like FL, is it not reliable – storms or even just come cloudy days. Power needs to be reliable 100% of the time. Solar is a pipe dream, or for when we move to space I am afraid.

    And hydroelectric is to hard on the fish, isn’t considered green. Despite the fact that a river is extremely predictable. A shame really


    People are scared of nuclear power for no good reasons. I grew up with in 15 miles of the Limerick Nuclear Power plant and was never scared of it. I also always thought they should get rid of the Coal plant that was nearby in Phoenixville.

    No matter how the coal companies try to spin it as “cleaner” it’s never really going to be that clean, or as clean as nuclear.

    Fusion power would be awesome, but we’re not there yet. I do agree it should be focused on a bit more.


    The argument is pointless as I will now demonstrate:

    There already exists filling stations for these. Just like pumping gas…

    No petroleum, no coal, only emits pure water. If you bought a Prius, you have done more to negatively impact the environment than help it. Refining the nickel that goes into making those batteries, which cost roughly $5000 if they need to be replaced, is very toxic.

    Hydrogen fuel cells. ITS official.

    Now everyone shut the fuck up.

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