spiders are scary

spiders are scary.jpg (34 KB)

course, this only applies if you’re a pussy ass little bitch

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    I fucking love snakes.


    Personally, I think it’s okay to be at least a little concerned about anything with glowing red eyes and blood dripping from its fangs.

    Or maybe that spider just needs to look into some dental hygiene.


    I’m not scared, they just can’t live in my house. I get all like “sorry bro, you can’t be here” and the *squish*

    Oh wait, I am afraid of funnel spiders. Their fangs are so fucking big that they get on their hind legs to bite you. and then the fangs stick in you. I’m never going to Australia.


    When I was about 12, at school we would vibrate sticks at the enterance of the funnel and normally a spider would poke out ^^

    but I dont think they were like poisonous …yall mean? :/


    The bleeding gum spider may look scary, but it makes a great pet! Except for the little drops of spider blood it leaves everywhere.


    Fat people are not afraid of spiders, because they are so huge they wouldn’t even notice a bite, and it would take the poison of a thousand spiders to kill a fat person.

    I wonder, does anybody know what Oriahna looks like?


    This whole post sounds really dumb.

    Spider’s are not scary. Poisonous spiders are something to be cautious of.

    Luke Magnifico

    Spiders are scary because I think there’s still a lot of resentment there since the division of Korea.

    Though there is a small chance that I am confused.


    Why does nobody else think spiders are cute? o0


    Could we please credit Allie Brosh with this artwork? She’s been having a lot of trouble with people taking her work and putting it on sites like these without crediting her.